Keeping Turbine Operation & Power Output Uniform

A diagram of the process flow for a gas turbine.

Solar Thermal Variable Flow - system flow may vary through the panels requiring a receiver to be used to keep pump feed and flow consistent with the waste heat boiler, keeping turbine operation and power output uniform.

Thermal Storage Black Wax Paraffin

A table with some pieces of white substance on it

TransPacific Energy's patented thermal storage technology using Black Wax Paraffin significantly enhances the performance of Thermal Storage for both heating and cooling applications, where it is used to shave the peak loads. This unique technology provides a substantial enhancement to the system performance and significant efficiency improvement as well as energy savings.

  • Patented Technology
  • Provides 24/7 continuous hot thermal supply for solar power to drive our Rankin systems 
  • Ensures 24/7 continuous supply of heat or cooling
  • Enables change of state at various predetermined temperatures, allowing a broad range of applications
  • Can be used with forced air or liquid coolant flow
  • Environmentally sound meets codes and flame spread standards