Exceptional OTEC, Solar Thermal Systems and Other Renewal Energy Technologies

Our Renewable Energy Technologies

TPE™ Renewable Energy technologies include solar PV solar and PV-Thermal and geothermal, biomass, landfill to green power as well as warm ocean thermal waters (OTEC) converting it into green and clean electrical energy.

We deliver innovative solutions for a cleaner, greener world. Help us stop global warming and Climate Change with our green energy conversion technology.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)

TPE uses the temperature differential between deep (40 F) and shallow waters (80 F) to drive its ORCs and produce power and, as a by-product, fresh water through desalination. Very few OTEC systems were developed, as they had an overall efficiency of only 1 to 3%. TPE's system can offer you a maximum efficiency of between 6 and 9% due to our unique designs and proprietary refrigerant blends. TPE's designs are configured to operate continuously as a base load power generation system. TPE's OTEC ORCs produce an excellent return on your investment.


Solar Thermal Systems

Most solar thermal systems use hot oil to boil water, creating steam that drives a steam turbine to generate power. In contrast, TransPacific Energy does not build solar plants. We heighten their efficiency. Our technology enables direct heat recovery from the solar collectors' coolant. We use this heat to produce super-heated vapor that drives our turbine. Thus generating power at a higher efficiency. TPE's custom design uses air-cooled condensers that make our system easy to install in remote areas. Artic Solar and TransPacific Energy deliver you the best Solar ORC electric generation solution for on and off-grid applications.

The following diagrams layout three typical systems:

Solar Thermal Constant Flow - System flow is constant through all panels

Solar Thermal Variable Flow - System flow may vary through the panels requiring a receiver.

Solar Thermal With Storage - Both constant and variable flows can use thermal storage to provide power 24/7.