Turbine Performance As a Function of Design

A close up of the top part of a circular object


Power out = 930 kW

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Projected ORC performance: Flue Gas-Single Unit

Projected ORC performance: Hot Water-Single Unit

Please contact us for projected performance under other conditions and the use of Split and Cascade units for maximum heat recovery and power generation.

We also offer units with Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled condensers.

All vapor turbine designs and characteristics are for illustration purposes only. The final product may vary depending on operating and design conditions.

4 stages
Efficiency tt = 86.6%
Efficiency ts = 85.5%
Power out = 930 kW

Turbine Efficiency

A chart showing the rate of turbine failure.

Turbine Curve

A graph showing the number of turbine stages and efficiency to ad.


A graph showing the performance of two different turbines.

TransPacific Net Heat Rate

A graph showing the net heat rate of nhr.
NHR Btu/Kwh
Gas Turbine 11,808.66
Rankine Cycle 8,244.00
Organic Rankine Cycle 7,030.25